NAW very well understands its corporate and social responsibilities. As a true and responsible corporate social citizen, the company abides by its duties towards the employees, environment and society as a whole. It has been awarded ISO 14001certification for eco friendly and safe manufacturing practices.

The company complies with applicable Environment, Health and Safety requirements. The infrastructure is safety driven and has facilities like 100% power backup, cooling towers, water softening plants, rain water harvesting and sewage treatment plants.

Minimal wastes, safe working environment and optimal usage of available resources characterize the governance aspect of the organization.


NAW is committed to promote:

Conservation of resources by optimum utilization of the raw material and efficient use of energy and water.
Protection of environment by establishing and maintaining controls on the process of waste emission and discharges.
Comply with applicable legal and other Environment, Health and Safety requirement
Zero accident & nil occupational illnesses
Adopt environmental friendly and safe work practices in our day-to-day activities.

The company also regularly conducts training for the personal and professional development of its employees.